The Macular Disease Foundation has funded a variety of research over the last several years, and intends to continue doing so as long as the Foundation’s funding allows. We are eager to receive research proposals that will study the following:

  • Potential medical treatment, prevention,
  • Psychological aspects of vision loss,
  • Rehabilitation techniques and technology,
  • Methods of information dissemination on Macular degeneration and
  • Resources for the visually impaired.

Proposals for the coming funding year need to be submitted as follows:

  • In triplicate,
  • At least 14 point print
  • By the end of September of the respective year
  • Mailed to the Foundations mailing address: P. O. Box 2334, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23450-2334.

The board of directors will strive to review all proposals received, and make decisions on which proposal will be funded by the first week in November of the same year.

Each recipient of research funds will be required to submit quarterly progress reports, and unless other wise approved, a final report on the research findings by September 15th of the year following funding of the proposal. The Foundation will reserve the right to withdraw financial sponsorship if, in the view of the Foundations Board of Directors, the research is not being conducted in a professional and scholarly manner.